Safety Statistics - DIFR AS AT: 28/2/15 Last LTI 28/02/06 Days since Last LTI 3287 Date of Last MTI 30/10/13 Days since last MT 486 Safety Policy Statement I&C Instrumentation & Electrical is committed from all levels to delivering industry leading safety standards. This commitment will ensure that safety is the key priority in all our construction practices. Our people will pursue our commitment to these standards co-operatively and constructively in our teams, through all our business relationships, and in the relationships we have with other stakeholders, such as government and community organisations. Through our pro-active and integrated approach to developing, implementing, documenting and maintaining a progressive management system, we will: - · Endeavour to ensure zero harm to the workforce and local community by ensuring adequate resources are provided to prevent accidents and incidents; · Ensure a safe culture through our values and behaviours; · Identify, assess and control our workplace, personal, environmental and quality risks; · Comply with, or exceed, requirements of applicable legislation, industry codes of practice, government initiatives and our own procedures; · Employ, motivate, train, and skill our people to apply our health and safety policy and procedures; · Set and manage realistic objectives and targets; · Implement initiatives that support sustainable value; · Ensure our work place policies and procedures operate effectively through regular communication and consultation with all employees; · Encourage all employees to take personal responsibility for the safety of themselves, colleagues and the community at large. This policy, driven by senior management, establishes a framework for a management approach based on consultation, communication and the establishment of objectives and targets designed to promote continual improvement of our practices and performance. The Integrated Management System outlined in this Manual is designed to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001. The safety policy will be communicated to all employees and made available to the public. Our success will be driven by the value we bring to our projects. It will be our commitment to ensure that this policy is implemented in a co-operative work environment. General Manager: Nigel Cope SAFETY & TRAINING I & C Instrumentation & Electrical Pty Ltd have a serious commitment to Workplace, Health & Safety. Safety training is given a high priority and all new and existing employees are required to undergo a safety induction program which sets out the employee’s and the Company’s responsibilities to our Health, Safety & Environmental Plan. All employees are required to complete our own Induction Package and Assessments. Competency Assessments are required on a yearly basis. Continuous safety training is carried out in skills training courses, Toolbox meetings and detailed discussion of all issues at our monthly Safety Meetings. Before commencement of employment, all personnel are required to be familiar with and acknowledge procedures for: Risk Analysis: Job Safety Analysis for all tasks and/or use of the Take 5 system. Safety Planning: The planning and coordinating of all contracts undertaken by the Company and the safety requirements of the contract. Hazard Recognition. Accident / Incident Reporting. Accident / Incident Investigation. Our strict safety program and regular safety audits ensure that our Company has a very low lost time injury rate.
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